Open is the future of work

  • Elevate your most loyal customers

    Console's loyalty program helps you reward your most passionate customers who are showing up to collaborate and join you as you work in public.

  • Build Trust

    Trust of corporations is at an all-time low. Working in public helps rebuild trust with your customers.

  • Collaborate

    Channels provide options for public, private, and restricted access. Use one for support, another for brainstorming, and a few private ones for sensitive team data.

People are craving transparency


While your team chats, the world watches along

Your team is in Slack. Your community is in Discord. Let's get a little closer.

Console brings your team and your community together in one place. We offer a variety of types of channels such as: public, read-only, private, token-gated and more.

Build transparency with your customers, users, and community by working in public.


Team meetings, broadcasted and recorded

Host your daily stand-ups, all-hands, and other meetings all in a Console Live Space.

Invite an unlimited number of people; our team moderation tools let your team focus without the audience becoming a distraction. And make the most of the opportunity to record your meetings, allowing them to be viewed by the world.

Build your tribe, as you build your business


Zoom is cheugy af.

Whenever I'm on Zoom, I feel like I'm lost in a Windows 95 commercial. Excess cringe.

Let's break the fourth wall of our cubicles and hang out somewhere aesthetically pleasing and fun. Console Live Spaces are here to transform and brighten your day. ☀️

Frequently asked questions

What is Console?

Console is an all-in-one community building platform. Inside you’ll find tools for creating events, pages, live audio rooms, member management and more.

How do I create a new community?

Join Console and you'll see a create community button.

Do you have an iOS or Android app?

Yes! Go to our downloads page to download our iPhone and Android apps.

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