Beautiful & Minimal

Console is more than a platform; it's your community's home base. Our design lets you focus on what truly matters—building a thriving, connected community.

Navigate through your community with ease: Multiple channels keep topics neatly organized, while our tailor inbox feature helps you quickly locate the conversations that are most important to you.

The World's Best Discord Alternative

Discord vs. Console — A great Discord alternative

FUTURE-PROOFING for the new internet

Proudly crafting a TrustLess future

Console is built for the new internet. We aim to support user freedoms, data portability, decentralization and privacy rights. Read more about Console's commitment to trustLess design.

profiles & WEb wallets

Every user can 100% own their username & web wallet

At Console, we understand that every member of your community is unique. That's why we've designed our profiles to reflect the individuality of each user, setting the stage for deeper connections and more meaningful interactions within your group chats and events.

Each profile is equipped with a web wallet, making it easy to effortlessly reward your community with loyalty perks, exclusive airdrops, and special discounts.

Seamlessly integrate global usernames like .eth, .btc, .lens, and more into your Console profile to ensure ownership, reinforcing your web identity with utmost security.

Coming Soon to Console

  • Monetize effortlessly

    Transform your community into a revenue stream with subscriptions and ticket sales.

  • CRM 

    Easily manage members, filter contacts, and spark conversations that resonate.

  • Analytics

    Dive deep with our analytics dashboard to grasp who's joining, where they came from, and who are your most dedicated members.

Frequently asked questions

What is Console?

Console is an all-in-one community building platform. Inside you’ll find tools for creating events, pages, live audio rooms, member management and more.

How do I create a new Console community?

Join Console and you'll see a create community button.

What type of wallet is the Console Wallet?

Every new Console user receives an Ethereum address and wallet, complete with the ability to effortlessly export private keys and assets to your preferred wallet.

Do you have an iOS or Android app?

Yes! Go to our downloads page to download our iPhone and Android apps.


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