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Sell event tickets using Console. Here you'll see our event pages for community events.

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  • Create events

    Sell more tickets with our lightning quick checkout

  • Instantly everyone is connected in a Console group chat

    Attendees are welcomed into a group chat, profile pages,

  • Grow your community

    Announcements, analytics, profile pages, and more help you grow your community.


Sell tickets in seconds

Streamline ticket sales with our lightning-fast setup. Choose from payment options like Venmo, USD, or USDC, and get ready to sell out your event in no time. With Console, ticketing is a breeze.

sell event tickets


Meet new friends before you arrive at the event

Quickly discover who's coming to the event, browse profiles, match with other attendees, and kickstart lasting friendships.

Launch both IRL & URL events


Analytics to help you better understand your guests

Use our event analytics to improve future events, and watch engagement soar. Recognize and reward your most passionate participants, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty that keeps your community thriving.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Console Events instead of Eventbrite?

Console makes it easy to sell tickets and build your community with other tools like our group chat, video, CRM and more.

Can I sell tickets for my online video or audio events?

Yes, you can sell tickets for both in person, and online events.

Can I create free events?

Yes, on Console you can create free or paid events.

Do you have an iOS or Android app?

Yes, download our iPhone and Android apps on our downloads page.


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