Introducing Console Pages

Introducing Console Pages: Empowering Community Connections with Pages

Introducing Console Pages

Console Pages allow you to create blog posts, web pages, and other types of documents for your Console community.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start using Console Pages:

1. Educate your community

Have you ever joined a chat community on Discord and Telegram, but you weren’t sure what to expect?

Pages provide access for new members to read your pages before they join your community. Pages help you share information with your newest members.

CrashPunks are using pages to share their community’s mission — this is viewable by all potential holders.

In this image, a tablet and a computer window are displayed side by side. The screen captures on both devices show artwork from the CrashPunks NFT Project. CrashPunks is a collection of 9216 unique and generative NFTs created by Grace Ng. These digital artworks serve as profile pictures (PFPs) and are built on the Stacks blockchain, secured by Bitcoin (BTC). The NFT artwork on the screen is a visually captivating representation of the project's creative and blockchain-based nature.
CrashPunks utilizes Console Pages to tell their community story.

2. Grow your community

Pages can be public.

Share your Console Pages on Twitter, Farcaster, Lens Protocol, Nostr and more.

Use public pages to attract new members to your Console community.

3. Protect Your Privacy

Frustrated with Notion doxxing your email to everyone? 

Tired of Signal or Telegram sharing your phone number with a group of 100 strangers? 

With Console Pages you can collaborate with hundreds of other people without revealing your phone number, or email.

Using only your Web3 wallet address, Console Pages allow you to create, edit, and share Notion-like pages.

On the laptop screen, a user interface is visible, which showcases an option to upload an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) as the method for token gating a Page.
Customizing your Console page.
A screenshot displays the text, "You can refer to pages from the Chat by mentioning them. Ie: @Why Console Moved to Matrix" in orange text, indicating that the mention has made interaction possible. This practice is implemented to declutter the chat. The image is overlaid on a faded background of a PC and light blue clouds.
Linking to a Page directly from chat.

4. Reduce Noise

Pages can be shared within the chat. Linking to your page presents your ideas without cluttering the chat.

Instead of cluttering the conversation with extensive text, linking to a page helps the chat stay focused while providing an opportunity for those who wish to engage further to use the link to redirect their attention.

This approach improves clarity, communication, convenience, and organization.

LunarCrush plans to dispatch an assortment of Bitcoin, NFTs, and various cryptocurrencies to the lunar surface. This bounty, known as Nakamoto_1, will be accessible to the inaugural space explorer who successfully arrives at the moon. This Console Community is using the Pages feature.
Nakamoto1 features videos on their Console Homepage.

5. Videos Help Tell Your Story  

Upload videos to your pages to tell your community's story. Nakamoto_1 uses videos on their Console homepage to share their story with new and existing members.

In today's digital world, the power of visual storytelling cannot be overstated. One effective way to connect with your online communities is by sharing videos to your pages, allowing you to communicate your  story in a visually compelling way.

An excellent example of this is in the strategies of 'Nakamoto_1,' a thriving Console community. On Nakamoto_1's  homepage, they harness the dynamic power of videos to share their compelling narrative with both newcomers and long-standing members alike.

How to get started with Console Pages

Console Pages are available to Console admins, mods, and staff. Go to your community’s homepage and select “pages” to get started. Reach out to us at if you have any questions. 💜