Highlights from the Boys Club /brandnew Conference

Boys Club is a social collective bringing new voices to the new internet.

Highlights from the Boys Club /brandnew Conference

Boys Club is a social collective bringing new voices to the new internet.

On March 12, 2024, Boys Club hosted /brandnew, a one-day summit focused on the new internet, cryptocurrencies, and digital culture. This event took place in Austin, TX during SXSW and featured a day of incredible speakers such as Amanda Cassat (Serotonin), Jess Sloss (Seed Club), Nadya Tolokonnokova (Pussy Riot), Jon Hillis (Cabin), among others.

For the event, Boys Club leveraged Console to create a communal group chat experience, aiming to keep attendees up-to-date with announcements, share knowledge about the speakers, and foster closer connections among participants.

Photo credit Meredith Truax

The Boys Club team, led by Natasha Hoskins and Deana Burke, was wonderful to work with, setting the tone for an event that used Console to enhance the experience while also reminding the crowd to stay present and avoid excessive phone use during speaker sessions.

At Console, we’re always eager to collaborate and innovate with our communities. Our approach focuses on tuning into the unique vibe of each community, recognizing that the culture of every group can vary slightly.

Here are five unique integrations Boys Club implemented with Console for the /brandnew event.

1. Tap your badge to access a private group chat

Photo credit Meredith Truax

Each /brandnew badge was equipped with an NFC chip from IYK. By tapping their badge with their phone, attendees could automatically launch Console.

Watch a video of speaker Jackie Berardo (Meta) show off the Console badge experience.

2. Share local recommendations for Austin! 

Boys Club utilized the group chat to create a channel specifically for local Austin recommendations.

Given that many conference attendees often come from out of town, establishing a space for sharing tips on restaurants, bars, Airbnbs, and more proved to be an excellent way to connect attendees before and during the event.

Among the top favs of the group were: Launderette, Paperboy and Veracruz.

3. Loyalty rewards

Jon Hillis of Cabin facilitating a discussion about Network States

Members of Boys Club and Zaddy token holders (the native loyalty token for the community) were automatically approved for attendance and received special ticket pricing. From there the following is instantly possible: 

Grant special privileges — Boys Club can easily identify holders of the Zaddy token by their roles in Console, as it reads all users' on-chain data. Those with the Zaddy token are assigned the "Zaddy" role. Additional token gating allows for offering rewards to these holders.

Offer future discounts — Since every Console user possesses a default web3 wallet and has the option to connect additional web3 wallets (such as MetaMask, Rainbow, or Leather), sending future airdrops and maintaining loyalty with attendees of the March 12th event becomes straightforward. If Boys Club wishes to offer discounts or early access next year to all participants who joined the /brandnew event this year, the process would be extremely simple.

Easily export data — Exporting a list of all names, wallets, and emails is just a click away. Consider your Console wallet as an API endpoint for each user. Any data created by users on Console is composable and transportable across every app on the web.

4. Keep updated with the attendee and speaker schedule

Speaker and events schedule

To enhance the attendee experience, each speaker had a dedicated page in the Console app, providing detailed bios and session information.

This feature allowed attendees to easily access and learn about the speakers and plan their event schedule effectively.

5. Console chat projected on the wall at the event

During /brandnew, the group chat was displayed on a screen to the left of the stage, enabling live chat from the audience alongside shared photos and videos, which highlighted key moments from the event.

Final thoughts 

A huge thank you to Boys Club for collaborating with Console on /brandnew. We had a fantastic time. All /brandnew live videos are available on YouTube. Boys Club co-created a very unique social, educational and memorable experience. At Console, we're all very grateful for having this opportunity to work together.

I’ll leave you with my favorite answer to “What is Boys Club?” as told by member Nia Johnson,

“Boys Club is a non-broey web3 space full of artists, technologists, and pop culture nerds who genuinely care about the future of culture and deeply care about building an internet that is equitable for all, especially creatives.” 

If that resonates with you, please be sure to follow Boys Club on Twitter and listen to Natasha and Deana’s podcast on Spotify for more insights.