Console Newsletter // Feb 2023

A new year has begun and we have some exciting updates

Console Newsletter // Feb 2023

Hi everyone!

A new year has begun and we have some exciting updates:

1. ENS <> Console integration is complete!

“Email lists are good. ENS lists will be better.” — Balaji.

At Console we are *very* excited about the future of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and are happy to announce that ENS names can now be used on Console. For the first time ever, any one of the 2.5 million owners of .eth domain names can now chat directly with other .eth names. As we continue to build Console, ENS users will unlock all the wonderful benefits of decentralized, open source, private chat. Read more: ENS Names Launch on

2. Twitter Spaces Every Monday @ 5pm EST

Come join our Twitter Space! Each week we meet AMA-style with the Console team, and we plan to have more great guests in 2023. Follow our Twitter @consoledao, or come by any Monday @ 5pm EST.

3. Apps are coming soon!

Our product focus this month:

  • Desktop app (Mac/PC) — Expected release 3/1/23
  • iPhone/Android App — In progress
  • Light mode — In progress

Want to co-create with us?

We're excited to build with you! Have feature requests or questions? Reply back to this email or come join our next Twitter Space on Monday.

Thanks for reading!
Chris Castig