Twitter Space Recap: Console at #NFTNYC

Magna comes to Console, NFTNYC, and more.

Twitter Space Recap: Console at #NFTNYC

Hey everyone, welcome to our Twitter thread recap of our latest Twitter Space session. 👋 Last week, we were at the NFT NYC conference and it was great to meet so many people in real life and gain some perspective on what the next year in this space might look like.

During the space, we had some guests join us to discuss their experiences at NFT, as well as thoughts on Console and decentralized social media in general. 🚀

Emmanuel, from the Magna community, joined us to talk about his project and his experience building a community on Console. Magna was launched as a free mint NFT community and was number one on OpenSea for close to two days, with publicly traded over $230,000. Emmanuel believes that the future of NFTs is more on building products and competence, rather than speculation. He is doing something different by building a community for anyone who wants to experience what a free mint collection could offer long term. 🌱

Magna has an active community of 45,000 people, and Chris commended Emmanuel for making hard decisions and aligning his values with the principles of web3 and decentralization. Emmanuel shared his past experiences as a founder, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself and maintaining resilience in the face of opinions from others in the community. The conversation concluded with Chris asking Emmanuel about his lessons learned as a founder, to which he responds with the importance of having a mapped-out plan and staying focused on one's mission and vision to avoid being swayed by the many opinions in the community. 🤝

During the session, we also discussed choosing between web 2 options versus web 3, and the convenience of waiting for a mobile app versus embracing something new. We talked about the importance of leading in situations where we need to choose which path to take.

We were fortunate to have both Lynx Helek and Moriah Girley chime in about their experiences at NFT NYC this year. 😍

Lynx described the event as having much more unity than the previous year. She spoke to the greater accessibility of events and decrease in experiences of “tribalism.” 

Moriah lent valuable insight with her observations, which included the importance of emphasizing the real-world utility of conferences to people for whom money and time is particularly scarce. 

Thank you to our regular guests Tidus and Evan, to whom we are grateful for their near co-host status and support of the Console platform. Thanks to Ian from Nakamoto1 for joining us again this week, as well as the new voice Aeromist. It was great to hear from 0xTangle, whom Chris had the pleasure of meeting IRL at NFT NYC, as well. 👏

Overall, it was a great session and we want to thank all of our guests for joining us. If you missed out, don't worry, you can always catch up on our Twitter Spaces page. Stay tuned for our next session and feel free to ask any questions about console or decentralized social media. Thanks for tuning in! Hope to see you at next week’s space, which will take place as usual on Monday at 5 PM EST. 🙌

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